Brisbane Commercial Kitchens are able to assist with all of your custom buffet needs.  We can design, construct and install open and closed buffet systems for use at function & conference centres, hotels, restaurants and hospitality outlets.


We can suggest customised designs for your specific application or work with you to bring your own designs to life.


We offer a rapid 3D design service, allowing you to visualise your product prior to manufacture.

During the design stage we take into account the amount of display space required, presentation of displayed foods for optimum visibility, the required performance and the aesthetic features of each unit.


Our buffets are Queensland made by our skilled stainless steel craftsmen and all of our refrigerated products are produced in-house.


Our team is experienced in the use of state of the art induction holding systems from Cooktek and Induced Energy.  We also utilise under stone and under glass induction technology.

Induction holding/cooking allows for a more powerful and efficient method and uses a cool, clean energy source with high levels of control.  This allows operators to hold food on the buffet line at precise temperatures.  It also  offers the versatility for front of house cooking at higher temperatures.

Joinery fixtures, normally installed onto mobile units at our factory, can be provided to suit your requirements.  For freestanding or built-in units we can provide the same service but install the final finishes on site.


We offer competitive prices and a full turn-key package including transportation, assembly, and installation on site if required. We also take care of all after hours support including warranty follow up.