Mobile Camp Kitchens

Brisbane Commercial Kitchens are able to work with you to design and construct stainless steel furnishings and supply the associated equipment required for your mobile camp kitchen.  We also have a network of trailer manufacturers should you require a complete service.


Our mobile camp kitchen designs allow for maximum use of limited space while ensuring functionality and operational efficiency of the kitchen.


We utilise Masterchef, the latest state of the art 3D design software that allows clients to visualise their projects in their entirety prior to construction. 


Appliances are selected for their energy efficiency and reliability.  All equipment is able to be properly secured in order to avoid movement and possible damage during transportation.


Stainless steel cupboards and drawers are provided with locks to stop unnecessary opening and shelving systems are designed to secure product while the trailer is on the move. 


Exhaust systems are custom manufactured to fit within confined spaces and do not have high external flue rises, enabling trouble free mobility.


We can also provide small footprint walk through cold rooms and freezer rooms that offer optimum storage while making efficient use of the limited space within the interior of the trailer