Nagomi Japanese Restaurant

Named Nagomi and touted as the future of food on the go, Sono Restaurants recently opened their latest Japanese restaurant in the new Eagle Street Pier precinct in Brisbane.  Offering high quality food at budget prices the venue is set to become a hit for lunchtime diners.


After extensive consultation with the client, Brisbane Commercial Kitchens were appointed to provide kitchen design consultancy services in conjunction with the project’s architect, Arkhefield. 

The venue has been carefully crafted and has stone benches, timber furnishings, spectacular river views and stays true to the quality that Sono is renowned for.


The equipment housed in the kitchen formed a high proportion of the budget with specialised products being imported from various countries across the globe to create this new food-on-the-go sensation.


The kitchen boasts state-of-the-art energy saving Baron induction cook tops and wok burners which help decrease heat load, provide for a more comfortable cooking environment, and reduce HVAC requirements.


A double stacked Baron combi oven was chosen to provide flexibility and reliability.


The installation of a bank of Baron high performance electric fryers with a hot holding station will cater for future growth.  With the capability of producing up to 120kg of product every hour these fryers are fast!


With its one press operation, the Fujimak rice washer chosen for the kitchen makes the laborious job of washing rice a breeze.  Washed product is then transferred quickly to the Fujimak rice cooker and into the Suzumo rice mixer.


The respected Suzumo brand was the first and only choice for automated sushi rolling and cutting equipment.


With Sono’s requirement to produce bento boxes for the lunch time rush there was a need for good quality Renova food holding equipment.


The concept is quick, fresh, healthy, hygienic, delicious and environmentally friendly with an ‘eat green, be green’ philosophy.